Current position: Introduction

              Kunshan Zhonggu Precision Hardware Co.,Ltd is located in the country's first hundred counties - Kunshan, Jiangsu. The company is committed to industrial fasteners technology research, sales, production by more than the industry veterans formed team can provide you with the most professional fastening solutions. We stand ready to provide technical support fastener products for your product design. Product quality, quick delivery, and supporting strong, professional knowledge to meet the needs of your special fastener technology and product requirements.

              We provide you best meet your needs, the most satisfactory services to the Yangtze River Delta as the foundation of radiation throughout the country and overseas market users. Whether you are in any way by telephone, fax or e-mail order, we will confirm in writing mode. For customers in the Yangtze River Delta region we used door-to-door service. For customers outside of the Yangtze River Delta, we generally by freight or air transport. For foreign customers we usually by sea or air. Generally, we no minimum order quantity; however, we have less than 2,000 yuan or less for products in general cargo on behalf of receivables through home delivery.

              Supply of Product Type:
              Stainless steel fasteners 304,304L, 316,316L, 310S and other brands of bolts, nuts, washers fasteners;
              12.9 high-strength alloy steel products: socket head cap screws, hex bolts, set screws, a Cypriot screws;
              American Standard high-pressure bolts:. ASTM193 / B7, B7M, ASTMA320 / L7L7M, ASTMA194 / 2H, 2HM standard 4.8,8.8,10.9 Hexagon Hexagon and other standard parts.
              The development of various types of non-standard parts, cold blunt, hot blunt, turning.
              Our products are widely used in the aerospace industry, electronics, machinery, chemical, military industry, metallurgy, machinery, tooling industry, hydraulic assembly, the automotive industry, the solar industry, the wind power industry, cleaning machinery, food and beverage processing equipment, sewage pumps, pump impurities, sewage processing equipment, cold storage, communications, construction and other industries.
              We will continue to provide you with high quality products and services, establish partnership-together relationship, create a win-win model.
              Our commitment is serious about integrity and the integrity of the product to run as!

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